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We`re against friction

Frictionless motion is humanity`s dream, although it`s not yet entirely without friction. To ensure your machines and systems run "frictionfree", OKS has a lubrication solution for almost every application.

From maintenance products to Speciality Lubricants – OKS products stand for intelligent solutions for critical application conditions. Close collaboration between our development and production departments means that OKS can quickly implement new technologies in market-ready products. The increase in efficiency of our lubricants through use of synthetic oils and high-performance additives as well as the development of a comprehensive range of dry lubricants are examples of our specialists`competence.

OKS products all come from a single source, since our lubricants not only solve your tribological problems securely and reliably, they also offer your significant cost benefits through their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Set us a challenge.

High availability through global logistics

You can find OKS sales partners in more than 50 countries and we are continously expanding by our efficient sales and logistics concept. Around the globe, our specialist dealers are delivered "just in time", enabling our sales partners to undertake for you logistical tasks such as procurement, delivering supplies to cost centers and inventory management.

Increasing numbers of customers use the global OKS sales network to use the same products with the same quality standard at all locations. To meet increasing demands in supply chain management, we set up a new, modern logistics centre in 2003, where we make sure that our high-performance products are always available to you.

Over 150 high-performance products from one supplier
  • Pastes for easy assembly and dismantling
  • Oils with high-performance additives for reliable lubrication
  • Greases for long-term lubrication under critical operation conditions
  • Dry lubricants – the alternative for special application cases
  • Corrosion protection for reliable preservation during storage and shipping
  • Maintenance products for ongoing service
  • Cleaners for thorough removal of soiling and lubricant residues
  • LUSIN welding agents – the power programme for the professional welder

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