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OKS 1351 Silicone Spray - Application in the printing industry

01 Sep 2007

Generally two fundamentally different printing processes are differentiated: Printing-plate-bound processes and processes without printing plate. The printing-plate-bound processes are, for example, offset, silkscreen, letterpress and gravure printing.

In contrast to the processes without printing plate, every print and every printing ink requires a separate template (printing plate). The main application for printing-plate-bound processes is when very high print runs are required.

Processes without printing plate are digital prints such as laser, wax, inkjet, or, more recently, silkscreen prints. Flexibility increases markedly when printing plates are not required. The emphasis here lies on personalised printing or smaller and medium-sized print runs. In the printing machines themselves a difference is made between sheet-fed and web-fed printing presses.

 Further machines can be connected directly to the press in addition to the actual printing press. These can be for example:
- Conveyor belts
- Cutting-, pressing- and sorting machines etc
- Binding- and packing machines, stitchers etc


Schematic process in the printing industry

Printing pre-stagePrint preparationPrinting CompletionPacking

- Image processing
- Layout

- Composition
- Mounting

Digital printing
- Printing
- Personalisation

Offset printing
- Printing
- Finishing


- Cutting, pressing etc.
- Binding, stitching etc.

OKS 1351 is based on a broadly specified silicone oil of mid range viscosity. Its propellant, a mixture of Propane-Butane, is also the solvent, therefore OKS 1351 doesn't contain any additional solvent. OKS 1351, which is not NSF approved, is
offered in an economical advantageous 600 ml aerosol with no ball valve and no additional spare valve for cost reasons.

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