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OKS 495 Adhesive Lubricant - Lubrication of jackscrews at vehicle lifts

01 Jun 2007

Vehicle lifts are located in most workshops in which maintenance work is carried out on vehicles. Depending on the requirements, various systems are used which are driven either hydraulically or mechanically.

In view of their simple mounting in the workshop and their flexible adaptation to the respective use, vehicle lifts with electrically driven jackscrews are the prime choice for many users. The jackscrews are each driven by a motor. These motors are interlinked in order to allow central operation. Usually such a vehicle lift consists of two or four jackscrews. However, more can be used in the case of very long vehicles such as trains. In order to prevent damage to the jackscrews through a high degree of friction and thus to the motor through excessive current the motors are equipped with overload cut outs.Correct lubrication of the jackscrews is thus prerequisite for fault-free operation of the vehicle lifts.

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