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OKS 2511 Zinc Coating - Corrosion protection with OKS 2511

15 Apr 2007

As defined in DIN 50 900 corrosion is the reaction of a metal material with its environment which results in a measurable change in the material and can lead to an impairment of the functionality of a component or of an entire system.

Corrosion arises mainly through chemical influence or electro-chemical reaction. In order to achieve temporary corrosion protection of up to two years (usually for storage and transportation) oils or waxes that are simple to apply and to remove again are mainly used. In order to achieve permanent corrosion protection for a period of up to 10 years (and more) various measures are taken such as the selection of corrosion-resistant materials, metal coatings (electroplating, metal spraying, hot dip galvanizing), mineral coatings (enamelling, cementing), organic coatings (coating or cladding with plastic) or electro-chemical protective mechanism. However, all these measures must already be taken into consideration during the design and manufacturing stages. In order to touch up interruptions or damage to galvanised surfaces caused by welding, drilling or cutting zinc spray is often used in the maintenance and workshop fields.

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