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OKS 354 High-Temperature Adhesive Lubricant, synthetic - Lubrication of drive chains at automatically tracking solar modules

04 Jul 2007

In the context of climate protection ensuring the energy supply by means of environmentally friendly technologies and systems is becoming increasingly important. A high-quality lubricant was required for drive elements of a photovoltaic system that follows the position of the sun automatically.

This was to be durable, have excellent lubricating properties and resist the various weather influences in the long term. The chain drive is a direct, non-slip and low-loss means of power transfer. Single- or multi-row roller chains are mostly used. If maintained optimally with the right choice of lubricant, chains can be used for long periods of time without having to be readjusted. Replacement of the chain due to wear or corrosion can thus be avoided. On the other hand, insufficient lubrication can rapidly result in increased friction in the connections of the chain links. This friction causes increased wear and therefore in the long term an elongation of the chain, as well as higher energy consumption at the drive. The lack of corrosion protection in particular accelerates these negative effects through water penetration of the joints, since the chain is no longer protected against rust formation. The chain exceeds the tolerable elongation when the value exceeds 3%.

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